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Park Information

is Hendersonville's first greenway park.  It connects the library at the eastern-point and the Drakes Creek bridge at the western-point.  It runs toward Veteran's Park in the north and along side of the Warrior Mountain bike trail.
    This section of multi-use trail is 1.8 miles long and very scenic with several benches and a trail head shown in the above photo.
NORTH (approximately)
    The greenway is great, but it is not done.  It needs to be completed.  See the link to the original Greenway Plan in the right sidebar.  It calls for parking and a trailhead at the north-west point shown above.  Nice, but not important.  It calls for a crossing over Vietnam Veterans Expressway.  Nice, but expensive.  It appears to be a bridge to nowhere.  The road sees little traffic.  Bicyclists don't need it and pedestrians are not going to be using it for a long time. It can be delayed maybe forever.
    The plan does not show the trail continuing to the bike/ped road along Blue Grass Golf course which is a connector to the YMCA, the Lutheran Church, the Baptist Church, and Trinity Music City.  (See the gap on the Greenways page.) This missing trail section is very important
The Streets of Indian Lake is the new town center and the hub for the city's restaurants and shopping.

The multi-use trail along the edge of this hub is asphalt and approximately 10-ft wide. It has suitably place benches along the route.  It is good for biking and walking.

The trail is very popular with people on it all the time.