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State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Virtually all of Hendersonville's
Transportation Work is funded either
by a Developer or through State/Federal Funds
To receive Federal funds TDOT must develop a STIP every 3 years listing:
- All highway and public transit transportation projects proposed for funding under Title 23 (high-ways) and Title 49 (transit) of the US Code.
- All projects consistent with the State Long Range Plan, as well as, state and locally funded regionally significant transpor-tation projects regardless of funding source.
The STIP includes
- state and local roadway, bridge, multimodal, safety and public transportation (transit) projects.

STIP covers a 4-year period and is based on funds, which are reasonably expected to be available for project implementation.

The Nashville Area MPO leads in the development of these plans in the region that includes Hendersonville.
TDOT is the principal agency for the state's transportation policies, plans, and programs developed in cooperation the MPO/RPOs, stakeholders, and federal land management agencies.
The Statewide Steering Committee for the STIP includes stakeholder rep's including users of bicycle transportation facilitiesMPO BPAC 

TDOT's Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy is to routinely INTEGRATE bicycling and walking options into the transportation system

Nashville MPO Walking and Biking Website

On 11/20/16 the FYs 2017-2020 TIP was adopted by the MPO Executive Board.  It identifies more than a billion dollars in federal, state, and local funding for transportation projects. Here is the TIP for Sumner County