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is isolated at the end of the peninsula and difficult to get to.  The main roads are narrow, traffic congestion is heavy, and bicyclists and pedestrians avoid it
  In order to ameliorate some of the problem, H'ville has received a Congestions Mitigation and Air Quality grant to build a bike/ped trail along the lake.  Phase 1  starts at Drakes Creek Park and ends at Mallard Point.
  Bicyclists must endure about a tenth of a mile of traffic on Sanders Ferry Rd before they can turn onto Hickory Heights Dr and then take Lakeside Park Dr to  Curtis Cross Rd and into Sanders Ferry Park.  These roads have low volumes of traffic.
    Sanders Ferry Park is primarily a secluded picnic area, home to the H'ville Radio Control Club, and disc golf. Although it has no trails the road that loops the park easily support biking and walking.
NORTH (approximately)
The documentation on the city website is out of date.  The current plan is shown below.  That description also calls for trail widths of 5 to 8 feet.  That design would be very dangerous.  The widths should be at least 10 feet wide and preferably 12-feet wide.
Obsolete Documentation
on City Website
Sanders Ferry Park is mid-town in H'ville and about a four miles south of Gallatin Road.

It has no trails.