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Over 50% of the injuries incurred by bicyclists are because they learned no more about how to drive that bicycle than how to maintain their balance.  
More Information
The safety guidelines listed on this page are just a brief summary of those that bicyclists most frequently experience.  For a complete list of bicycle guidelines including some great safety videos and quizzes check out the FOGBEE blog click here
Biking Information

Bicycles are vehicles and belong on the road not on sidewalks and must abide by vehicle laws

Some municipalities outlaw bicycles from using sidewalks
  • Wear a helmet.  90% of bicyclist fatalities result from head injuries.
  • Be alert to road conditions
       -Wear a rear view mirror
       -Do not use earbuds (illegal in some
  • Avoid impeding traffic
       -Law requires bicyclist to exit the road            when blocking more than four cars
  • Use the shoulder and ride as far from motor traffic as practical.
  • Obey traffic controls, especially Stop Lights. 
  • Dress and equip bike to be seen
       -Law requires front and back lights
       -Wear bright and reflective colors. 
Safety Guidelines
  • Do not expect motorists to anticipate bikes.
       -With more than 1000 cars for each
        bike, surprises can be fatal
       -Not all roads are suitable for bicycles
        Poor visibility and heavy traffic are
  • Drive in predictable fashions.
       -Use hand signals
  • Stay in the proper traffic lane.
       -Right as far to right as practical
       -Don’t pass cars on the right
       -Stay left for left turns
       -When necessary, control the lane
  • Avoid the “door zone,” even if that is where a bike lane may be
  • Be courteous to motorists and pedestrians