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Park Information

is on the western edge of town, 3 miles from Memorial Park, and not readily accessi-ble by biking or walking.  The main roads have moderate to heavy traffic congestion.  Part of the route will be reachible from the soon to be Drakes Creek bike/ped trail on Sanders Ferry Rd and sidewalks along Imperial Blvd.  Although the long range plans include bike/ped routes along Rockland Rd that is way in the future.
   Rockland is primarily a secluded picnic area and site of the Old Hickory Lake Dam. Although it has no trails the road that passes through the area has virtually mo motor traffic and easily supports biking and walking.
Rockland Recreational Area is on the western border of Hendersonville and about a quarter mile south of Gallatin Road.

It has no trails.
NORTH (approximately)