TIP Project #2008-52-034

Widen or replace existing 2-lane Indian Lake Blvd Bridge over SR-386 with a new 6-lane bridge and add extra lane to westbound on-ramp and lengthen this ramp.  
  Bike/ped facilities to be included.
  STATUS: Bike/Ped was NOT included.
              No Explamation as reason

2010 SRTS Project

    $192,555 to construct 0.3 mile of sidewalk from Morris Drive north to Jennings in the Hawkins Middle School area.  It is an extension of the existing sidewalk / trail which runs from Walton Ferry Elementary School past Windstar Bay and Chesapeake Harbor to Morris Drive and includes a pedestrian bridge.  .
2012 CMAQ Project
$1,190,400 grant for Phase 3 of the Bike Trail System starting at Memorial Park and running south along the west side of Drakes Creek / Old Hickory Lake and along Sanders Ferry Road to Mallard Point.
  STATUS: Revisions failed CMAQ
   - Public Mtg: 6/27/13
   - Grant was for a 5-mile route
   - Only able to do 1 mile
   - Future - Under review

2003: Grant to build trail between Nanny
          Berry and Wessington Schools
     TDOT TEP LP#3867 and LP#3868
STP-EN-9307(9) & STP-EN-9307(10)
  STATUS: Not constructed as proposed.
   - Insufficient funds 
   - Cost errors by Engineering firm

2009: Halo completed the failed TEP project with walking trails, playgrounds and other recreational amenities that added "outdoor living space" to nearly 400-acre Indian Lake Village


Neighboring communities have partici-pated in following Active Transportation grants.  Hendersonville did not.
- 3 MPO Grants - $12.5 Million each
- 3 TDOT Grants - $10 Million each

FAST Act increased funding for Trans-portation Alternative.  MPO plans at least 2 RFP in next planning cycle.
Website Is Provided by the FOGBEE Bicycle Club

2000: Mayor Hank Thompson pioneered a Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan.  With less than a dozen of 347 cities in Tennessee having such plans, he was way ahead of the time. 
  • The city leaders passed the sidewalk ordinance requiring new construction to have safe routes for pedestrians. (Subdiv Regs: 3-103.1)

2003: Mayor Jim Fuqua established a Bike and Pedestrian Review Committee.
  • It terminated in 2005.

2006: Bike/Ped Sub-committee (aka the Greenways Committee and part of Hendersonville Tommorrow Committee initiates effort to obtain greenways.

2009: Hendersonville conducted a Land Use and Transportation charret, included 2006 Revision, and adopted Complete Streets policy.

2009: Greenways and park added to Streets of Indian Lake

2011: Safe Routes to School grant for Walton Ferry

2012: Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant to build a bike/ped trail  along the west shore of Drakes Creek. 
  • First RFQ received no bids.

2014: Hendersonville gets its FIRST Bike Lanes on Gallatin Rd.

2016: Sanders Ferry Greenway received additional funding and let out for bids 
  • Second RFQ received one bid that was significantly over budget.
  • Redesign underway.

2016: Saundersville Greenway grant request submitted as CMAQ project linking library with Lower Station Camp Greenway 
  • City not awarded grant.  Cancels project to focus on Sanders Ferry Greenway