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"For decades Nashville roads were built with only cars in mind,” Dean said. “We have come a long way in recent years in terms of adding sidewalks and bikeways, and making mass transit more convenient for people to use. This Executive Order will ensure that now and in the future we continue to take all reasonable measures to develop new and reconstructed streets in a way that makes all of these modes of transportation more accessible. It’s important for the health of our citizens and for our city’s long-term sustainability.
Planning Information

Hendersonville's 2009 Land Use and Transportation Plan identified Complete Streets as an option for addressing traffic congestion and recognized the need for alternative life styles supported by safe routes for active transportation and recreation.     
How Walkable is Hendersonville?
Bet you already know.


Here's another question. How many traffic light assisted crossings does our city have, ones that work?
Congestion and obesity are problems recognized across Tennessee.
- 2010 TDOT adopts Complete Streets Policy.

Nashville Regional Metropolitan Planning Office gave priority to those projects which had a Complete Streets component. 
- 70% of the proposals in their inventory meet that criterium 

Mayor Karl Dean issues an Executive Order for Complete Streets approach in Nashville.
#1 Resident Complaint in
2005 Hendersonville Tomorrow Survey was TRAFFIC
After 10 years it is still most often mentioned issue
In the past decade Sumner county has grown 30% but only able to add 5 to 7% in roads.
The bypass reduced traffic on Gallatin Rd for about five years.  Now congestion is again major issue on both these roads. Long term projections show this trend will continue.  The problems of congestion are only going to get worse.
National Household Travel Survey
by Federal Highway Administration,
- Average car trip is 10 miles. 

Safe Routes to School Partnership
- School trips are 5-7% of miles driven
- 10-14% of road traffic are to school. 
Nashville 2017 Ped & Bike Plan
- Executive Summary
- Plan