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Park Information

is the home to Hendersonville's Tennis Courts, Kid's Kingdom, Lacrosse field, and goose population.
   It has about 1.5 miles of multi-use trails.  At the north it crosses Gallatin road and connects with Drakes Creek Park (see Drakes Creek page).
Memorial Park is approx-imately in the center of Hendersonville and is on the south side of Gallatin Road.

Sections of the multi-use trail in the park are asphalt and concrete (on the geo-tube) and are approxi-mately 5 to 8-ft wide.  It is pri-marily suited for walking.

The trails see very little traffic, so with extreme caution bikes may use it.  Bikers must walk their bikes when on the foot bridge.

   Otherwise known as Envirotubes, woven geotextile fabric 45-ft in circumference was used to connect an island to shore, re-directing a tributary to flush a back water behind the island. It also created a spoil area for dredged material from deepening the river.
    The polyester and polypropylene tubes were filled with course and find grain material from the river. The tubes were filled with a hydraulic dredge.
    A concrete walkway on top of the tube now provides a greenway trail from the tiny island park to a secluded wooded reserve.  Benches along the route provide places to relax in the solitude with nature.