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Traffic Laws as they apply to bicycle use is not well understood by the general public, by city and state officials, or even by some officers entrusted to enforce those laws
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The laws listed on this page are just a brief summary of those that bicyclists most frequently experience.  For a complete list of bicycle laws, including Dog Laws, Harashment, and Aggressive Drivers check the FOGBEE blog
Biking Information

Bicycle is a vehicle and, as such, the bicyclist has all the rights and responsibilities of other vehicles on the road
Bikes belong on the road, the road shoulder, or
multi-use paths

Sidewalks are intended for the use of pedestrians.
Hendersonville does not outlaw bicycle use of sidedwalks
Generally, bicyles are not permitting on sidewalks in commercial districts

Nevertheless, bicyclists may want to consider using sidewalks
where motor traffic is heavy and dangerous
and few pedestrians are present.    
Pedestrians have the right-of-way on multi-use trails

Some States (e.g. Ohio) require bicyclists have/use bells to announce themselves.

When pedestrians are present
  - Anticipate unpredictable behavior
  - Keep speeds under 15-mph.    
Bicyclists must travel in the same direction as motor traffic
    - Law officers are advised to ticket bicycles that violate this law, because it is one of the major causes of accidents.

Bicyclists must obey traffic control,
    -Stop at Stop lights.  (TN allows bicycles to go thru Red Lights under under some
    -No passing on the right
    -Move to the left near the center when turning left. 

Bicyclists may not travel more than two-abreast on a road. 
    -In National parks they must travel single file.

Bicyclists may not impede traffic. 
    - Must leave the road when impeding more than four other vehicles. 

Bicyclists must have lights in low light conditions
    - Both front and rear that can readily be seen by other road users. 

Bicylists must use roads in a predictable and non-hazardous fashion
    - Law officers, based on his judgement, may ticket or arrest a bicyclist who is
        operating his vehicle in a reckless and danderous fashion.
The first step for every bicyclist is to learn and obey the laws
STATE LAWS                 CITY LAWS

Most State and Municipal Codes for bicycle use are based on
the Federal Uniform Vehicle Code

- Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Although the laws cited in the video were developed for
Boise, Idaho, they apply to Tennessee

It is not unusual for law enforcement officers to lack knowledge of the law
as it applies to bicyclists,

If a bicyclist is in a situation where the officer does not know the law,
s/he should obey the officer and take the matter up with the Chief of Police.

Click here A Law Officers Guide to Bicycle Safety -- Reference Guide
Bicycle Law Enforcement, Law and Order Magazine, July 2013