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PBIC and FHWA to host course on creating great communities at New Partners conference

USDOT releases summary report on road safety assessments

New tools available for pedestrian and bicycle planning

FAST Act sets transportation funding plans through 2020

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In FY 2015, States obligated $834 million in Federal-aid highway program funds for bicycle and pedestrian pro-grams and projects, including all Safe Routes to School and Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program funds. That is an increase from $820 million in FY 2014. Bicycle and pedestrian funding was less than 2 percent of Federal-aid highway funding (~$40 billion).

January 2016
By Fred Rogers, Director of Planning, Jan 2016

Sander Ferry Bike Trail: The City has secured additional funds for the project.
  - The trail (off-road) portion will extend from Main St to Mallard Point Park (across from
     Nottingham Apartments).  This portion will follow the water’s edge.  Some of it will actually
     be over the water in the form of an aluminum boardwalk and bridge.  This is by necessity
     and it is very expensive.  But this is the right way to do it.  It will be something we can
     be very proud of.

  - From Mallard Point a bike route (share the road) will extend a short distance down to
    Hickory Heights and from there down Lakeside Park and Curtis Cross Rd to Sanders Ferry
    Park.  Our Engineer has just re-submitted the construction plans to TDOT after making
    adjustments requested by TDOT. 

  - Once this project is completed, we will pursue additional funds to construct bike lanes along
    Sanders Ferry from Mallard Point Park to Sanders Ferry Park.  This will require major
    widening of Sanders Ferry Rd and acquisition of ROW.  This will be very expensive. 

Drakes Creek Road Widening: The City has secured federal funds and coordinating.
  - It has hired an engineer to prepare plans for widening the road from 386 to past Stop 30. 

  - It will include bike/ped accommodations on Indian Lake Blvd across the 386 bridge. 

  - Looking at the best way to extend the bike trail from Veterans Park to Durham. 

Bike/Ped Committee Offers Plan for North-Central Hendersonville
(See What's New March 2016)

New Bike Lanes: Add 2.5 miles
  - Wessington Drive: Chip Moore and the Public Works Department plan to paint 3-4 feet wide bike lanes with bike lane pavement markings the entire length of Wessington Drive (New Shackle Island Rd to Scotch St near Whitten Elementary) in conjunction with Hendersonville Utility District’s plans to replace utilities in Wessington Drive and to re-surface it.

  - Bonita: The City plans to paint bike lanes on Bonita from E. Main St to the 3-way stop at Waterview Dr.                DONE (See What's New May 2016)

  - Luna Lane: About 3 months ago we added a bike route with signs and sharrows to Luna Ln from Lakeside Park Dr to Walton Ferry.  DONE

  - Imperial Dr: City replaced the center turn lane with bike lanes from Walton Ferry to Sanders
   Ferry, except at the intersections.  This was done to increase the connectivity and impact of
   the Sanders Ferry Bike Trail Project.  DONE

By Anthony Holt, Sumner County Executive, Jan 2016

Greenway Bridge
  - County will be building a bridge at the southern end of the Station Camp Greenway across Station Camp Creek to Hendersonville.
May 2016

Bike / Ped Committee Report
- Bikeways and Greenways for North-Central Hendersonville

Alliance for Biking and Walking
- 2016 Benchmark Report 

Built Environment News (2/29/16)

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